An introduction to the general theory of relativity and cosmology

This course is a brief discussion on general theory of relativity, and basics of cosmology, provided for students and everyone who are familiar with Special Theory of Relativity, Tensor Analysis, and Thermodynamics.
General Theory of Relativity is discussed in section one of this course, and upon the completion of this section you will learn different topics of general theory of relativity which are applicable  to cosmology. Different topics of cosmology are included in section two, and in section three, inflation, and today's accelerated expansion of our universe are discussed.
I'm adding problem solving lectures to this course, so it will be more useful for graduate students.
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Intended Audience: Everyone who is familiar with Special Theory of Relativity and Tensor Analysis

Metric Tensor
Equations of Motion
Space-Time Curvature
Einstein Field Equation
What is Cosmology?
Cosmological Principle and RW-Metric
Friedmann Equations and our Flat Universe
Evolution of the Fluids
Standard Cosmological Model
Cosmic Redshift
Proper Distance
Dark Energy
Negative Pressure

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S T Bagheri